Roads and trails will be completed in spring 2023.

Reserving a lot

A reservation agreement is concluded with the client, valid until the conclusion of a contract under the law of obligations (law of property) (up to 4 weeks). In order to confirm the purchase, the buyer will pay an advance of €5,000 when signing the reservation contract.

Contract under the law of obligations

A notarial contract of sale under debt law is concluded with the client, in which all the details of the transaction are agreed upon. With a contract under the law of obligations, the buyer pays 50% of the value of the purchase and sale transaction. There is no obligation to enter into a contract of obligations and a contract of property can be concluded immediately.

Contract under Property Law

A notarial property contract is concluded with the client, the buyer pays the remaining part (the total amount) of the purchase price and the ownership of the property is transferred.

The contract price includes

  • Access roads, pavements, street lighting
  • Property price includes water
  • Price includes electrical connection 16A

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